HIEMS Signs with Agonia Records

Agonia Records has welcomed one-man, avant-garde, black metal project HIEMS to its roster, with Piedmont, Italy-based Alessandro “Algol” Comerio serving as songwriter & multi-instrumentalist. The band finished work on its third studio album, first since 2009, to be released under a title, and at a date, soon to be revealed.

Agonia Records serves as the third label-home for HIEMS, whose career spans over 25 years and started in 1996.  Latin for “winter”, HIEMS introduced the first installment of its sparing discography in 2005; “Cold Void Journey” was released on Iso666 Productions and encapsulated the early-HIEMS’ classic black metal approach, replete with blast beats, omnipresent distortion, and paired with industrial ambient. The band later moved to US-based Moribund Records for its sophomore album, “Worship or Die” (2009), which placed the one-piece outside the scope of “canonical” black metal, thanks to rock-like elements, alongside a more focused and heavy sound. The third incarnation of HIEMS will reveal itself in 2023.


Agonia Records: