QSC Introduces L Class Speakers

Intelligent Active Loudspeakers

QSC has introduced L Class; the next generation of advanced, intelligent, active loudspeakers for mobile and fixed live sound entertainment applications. The result of a deep understanding of customer needs, L Class delivers a Simply Brilliant combination of leading-edge innovation, refined engineering and unparalleled ease of use, elevating audio technology in the service of art, creativity and live performance.

  • Two active line array loudspeakers, LA108 (two-way, 8 inch) and LA112 (two-way, 12 inch), and one active subwoofer, LS118 (single 18 inch).
  • QSC SysNav™ App allows the user to design, configure, control, monitor and apply signal processing to individual loudspeakers or full arrays. AIM (Array Installation Modeling) prediction tool lets the user visualize and predict array coverage in a venue or installation space.
  • Dante® network connectivity.
  • Easy to deploy, configure and use.
  • Consistently great results for users of all levels.