Q&A with ODESZA at 'Last Goodbye' Premiere

MC: What would you like to reflect on over the last 10 years leading up to the film?

Clayton: Last 10 years

Harrison: Go through our entire lives

Clayton: Ya slowly. Today’s about Sean [Kusanagi] and the team that made it happen. We’re just happy it came together and excited for people to check it out. It's an amazing piece.

Harrison: It’s a great view behind the curtain of how the show came to be, the people behind, and our group of friends that helped make this entire thing possible. Odesza’s always been this core group of people and it’s nice to see some shine for them now.

MC: Odesza has been a big part of festivals this year including Bonnaroo two weeks ago and Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits coming up. For a number of years electronic music has been a major part of some of the biggest festivals in the country. How does it feel to be the major headliners now?

Clayton: it’s an honor for one. We’ve been doing it alot so to play on the big stage. We have a lot of surprises for those upcoming festivals. We’re very excited to get out there and do it.

Harrison: You don’t need anything from me (laughs). 

MC: The Last Goodbye tour will begin again end of August and run through October. What happens once the tour ends?

Harrison: We’re always working. We have an EP we just announced the other day. It comes out next month and we’re always working on new music and it’s exciting to us trying new things and experimenting with stuff. I’m sure there will be more shows, but our focus right now is just creating.

Clayton: Our agent won’t let us stop, that's on him (both laugh).