Product Review: MPC Mini Play mk3

The MPC Mini Play mk3 is the newest member of the MPC family of production workstations and comes with a full range of professional features including internal drum and instrument sounds, an Improved 25-keybed, eight full sized MPC style velocity sensitive drum pads, a new OLED display for improved visual feedback and over one hundred internal drum and instrument sounds.

The MPC Mini Play mk3 runs on Batteries or via USB and can run on batteries for up to 14 hours. The MPC Mini Play mk3 is fully class compliant for plug and play operation on PC and Mac operating systems. There is an eighth inch headphone jack on the front of the MPC Mini Play mk3 for private songwriting and jamming.

The MPC Mini Play mk3 has four assignable rotary control knobs and an assignable joystick allowing for versatile control over many commonly used MIDI parameters. The MPC Mini Play mk3 features an upgraded speaker that sounds surprisingly good for its size. The speaker offers improved volume and low-end response and an overall improved listening experience

MPC Mini Play mk3 comes ready to jam right out of the box with over 128 onboard instrument and drum kits including acoustic and electric pianos synth leads, pads and more.

The MPC Mini Play mk3 comes with a full license for MPC Beats and includes a full array of instruments, plug-ins, effects at no extra charge. In addition to MPC Beats, the MPC Mini Play mk3 also includes several world class virtual instruments from the company AIR Music Technology including Hybrid 3, a powerful polyphonic analog synth, Mini Grand an acoustic piano instrument, and Velvet a vintage electric piano instrument.

The MPC Mini Play mk3 also comes with a Melodics educational package. Available as both a desktop and iPad app, Melodics features instruction for MIDI keyboards, pad controllers, and e-drums, offering tailored lessons and real-time feedback designed to help refine necessary music creation skills. The free Melodics download includes sixty lessons to get you started.

The MPC Mini Play mk3 is designed to be a portable mini keyboard with onboard sounds as well as a MIDI controller for your favorite DAW. Its battery powered which means it can be used virtually anywhere. It is a great tool for working out song ideas, collaborating or jamming packed in a fun, easy to use interface with a surprisingly professional feature set given its affordable price.

The MPC Mini Play mk3 is available now for $149.99 MAP - find out more at mpc.akaipro.com