Product Profile: Austrian Audio MiCreator Studio

Austrian Audio’s MiCreator Studio combines an audio interface and high-quality microphone into a high-quality, flexible, pocket-sized, USB-C recording system. The primary target audience for MiCreator Studio is musicians and instrumentalists who want a simple way to capture content on the go. MiCreator Studio is designed to be easy to use and can deliver great-sounding recordings in a wide variety of recording environments. Mi Creator Studio’s class compliant plug-and-play design makes it a great solution for capturing content on a mobile device such as an iPad Pro, especially now that Apple has released Logic for iPad. MiCreators Studio’s simple plug-and-play design and USB-C connectivity make mobile recording easy and virtually eliminates the need for additional cables or recording equipment to capture your content. 

MiCreator Studio features a retro modern design built around a durable full-metal housing. Austrian Audio’s MiCreator Studio is ergonomically designed to be placed on a desktop or on a microphone stand. MiCreator Studio’s capsule is mounted on a flexible swivel mount that optimizes the recording angle when MiCreator Studio is placed flat on your desktop. 

The MiCreator Studio capsule is supported in its own suspension system, which doubles as a built-in shock mount. MiCreator’s flexible tilt mechanism allows vertical adjustment of the microphone capsule for ideal positioning when MiCreator is laid flat on your desktop. You also get breakout cables for connecting the MiCreator Satellite Microphone or other line inputs.

MiCreator Studio is built from quality components and is designed to be capable of handling higher SPL levels than competing USB microphones currently on the market. MiCreator Studio features intuitive onboard controls and can be set up for mono or stereo recording via MiCreator’s additional input. This allows for quick and easy multitracking and optional true stereo recording with flexible mic placement with the optional available MiCreator Satellite microphone and T bar connector. 

MiCreator is designed around a fixed cardioid pattern frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and a 108 dB dynamic range. MiCreator Studio can handle up to 130 dB, which means it can be used to capture just about any sound source you can think of including drums, rehearsals, and so on. While MiCreator Studio is optimized for vocals, it can via the included breakout cables be used to directly capture line level instruments such as guitars or keyboards. MiCreator Studio can record up to 48 kHz 24-bit resolution with near zero latency. 

As mentioned earlier, MiCreator Studio has a second input for connecting a second input device for stereo recording. Austrian Audio also offers MiCreator satellite microphone and an optional MiCreator y-Lav lavalier microphone for interviews or podcasting. The MiCreator features two headphone inputs. A breakout TRRS to TRS Instrument cable included for directly connecting and recording keyboard, guitar and bass. MiCreator Studio comes with two red accessory interchangeable face places (for both MiCreator Studio and MiCreator Satellite).

MiCreator Studio features Austrian Audio Open Acoustic Technology and a fixed Cardioid capsule design. The front of MiCreator Studio has a minimalist yet functional design that features a hardware mute switch, level meter, two-stage input pad, and a large jog wheel to control monitoring and overall output levels. MiCreator Studio features a class compliant USB connection, no additional drivers required. The back of MiCreator Studio features two TRRS jacks, one for input and output and for connecting one or two headphones. 

    Overall, MiCreator Studio is a very well-thought-out product and offers a unique form to function that I have not seen in any other competing product in this category. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional musician looking for a simple, flexible, and highly portable recording solution that really works and won’t break the bank, MiCreator Studio is definitely worth checking out. 

MAP price for MiCreator Studio is $199. The optional MiCreator Satellite Microphone has the same specs as MiCreator Studio and is available for MAP price $99. An optional MiCreator y-Lav Lavalier microphone is available for MAP $99. MiCreator Studio comes with a voucher for Cubase LE or Wave ,which you can download for free once you register your MiCreator on the Austrian Audio website. 

For more information, see austrian.audio