LANDR Introduces Worldwide Distribution

LANDR, the A.I.-powered platform for music creators, announced that it has expanded to empower artists to release and sell their music online.

LANDR will aim to democratize digital music distribution the same way it has democratized mastering. With over 1,300,000 music creators in over 200 countries around the world, LANDR’s digital distribution platform launched globally in 9 languages.

The company will continue to put artists first by offering the most creator-friendly experience in the field. That starts with launching an affordable solution for releasing music in the world today, starting at just $1/month. LANDR users will keep 100% of their royalties and revenue, and there are no hidden fees for extra services—like adding albums to new streaming stores, or registering new songs to Shazam.

Along with pricing that works for musicians, LANDR will also offers fast and responsive multi-lingual support. Users will also receive updates on their release submission within two hours, thanks to their support team of musicians and engineers.

LANDR also crunches data on streams, listeners location, downloads, and revenue into an actionable, easy-to-understand dashboard, helping creators decide what to do next to promote themselves and their work.

The listener data dashboard offers lightning-fast insights, featuring next-day trends for Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.

In the coming months, LANDR will continue to add features for musicians, making it the most comprehensive distribution service for musicians ever made.

Unlimited distribution is included at no extra charge for LANDR Mastering subscribers.

For more visit, landr.com/en/digital-distribution