Producer/Engineer/Audio Educator Warren Huart Launches Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide

Renowned producer, engineer and musician Warren Huart has spent decades honing his knowledge and skills in the craft of recording. Through his TEC Award-winning Produce Like A Pro educational channel on YouTube (with an audience nearing 700,000 subscribers) and his online Produce Like A Pro Academy and Pro Mix Academy, he shares that knowledge generously. Now, Huart and co-author Jerry Hammack (also a producer, mixer, recording artist and the author of the critically acclaimed, best-selling series The Beatles Recording Reference Manuals) have released Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide – a comprehensive and up-to-date reference for current music production paradigms.

Three years in the making, Home Studio Recording is a 450-page compendium of practical, applicable information that covers studio archetypes, home studio creation and optimization, the stages of production (preproduction, recording, mixing, mastering and release), the gear and techniques needed at each stage, and the roles of producers and engineers, plus legal and distribution considerations at the release stage.

As a leader in the progression to the new production norm, Huart is ideally positioned to advise the modern engineer on how to succeed and excel. “I started touring professionally at 16 years old as a musician. I was literally the musician that was recording his own demos, then recording his own band, and eventually recording major label artists on gold and platinum projects. I’ve worked in the big studios, but I've always owned a home recording studio. The way I came up was the non-traditional way, and it’s now the only way.” Working in home studios is no longer a compromise. “I’m still working in traditional studios,” says Huart, “but 95% of my work is in my home studio. And that is true with every single producer and engineer I know. It’s just a reality.”

“Jerry also began his own self-taught audio path at 16, and along with production, he brings deep experience with independent distribution,” says Huart of his co-author. “His Beatles series is the go-to reference for engineers and producers who want to know ‘How did the Beatles get that particular sound?’ on any song they recorded. Together, we spent three years ensuring that Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide truly is complete and accessible for engineers and producers of any skill and knowledge level. We included information based on our combined experience and perspectives and insights gathered from Produce Like a Pro interviews and conversations with hundreds of the best producers and engineers in the world. In a single volume, we cover everything that every recording text talks about and more, modernized, with real world context.”

Home Studio Recording can be read end-to-end as a logical progression for building a sweeping recording knowledge base, or, by way of its exhaustive index, it can provide immediate answers to burning questions in the heat of production.

In the title’s foreword, legendary producer Jack Douglas says that in Home Studio Recording, “you will find nearly all there is to know about the recording of music and the art of sound. Warren and Jerry generously share their years of experience, philosophy and mental preparation, giving both the newcomer and the working producer/engineer incredibly valuable and practical information. This book will reside on my shelf alongside the other classics: George Martin’s Sound PicturesAl Schmitt On the Record, and Geoff Emerick’s Here, There and Everywhere.”

Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide is available now via homestudiorecording.com and Amazon for $59.99 (USD) in softcover and $69.99 (USD) in hardcover.