Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum at the Zebulon

Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum (PGTTBM) played the first show of their first ever U.S. tour at the Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA March 22nd. PGTTBM consists of actor Michael C. Hall (Lead Vocals) who is best known for the lead on the T.V. show Dexter, former Wallflowers keyboardist Peter Yanowitz, and Blondie keyboardist since 2008 Matt Katz-Bohen. The members met working together on the hit Broadway show Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The band released their debut album last year titled Thanks for Coming. If you like 80’s music, this is the band to see.

“Hall’s voice is astonishing and sounds even better live than on the band’s critically acclaimed debut album 'Thanks For Coming.’”

–Under the Radar

“There's a sort of palpable theatricality in the music of Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. That's not an accident. Since gelling on [Hedwig] then coming together to make music, the guys have merged their love of rock and electronic music in the vein of '80s outfits like Eurythmics into a spacious, often moody, ‘rocktronic’ sound…”


“The band explores electronics from multiple angles. From celestial Beach Boys vibes to soulful electro-pop grooves and the foreboding and whimsical, Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum are creating intersecting hybrids of introspective dark pop and contemporary readings of post-punk. At the center of it is Michael C. Hall’s considerable vocal/psychic range.”

–Alternative Press

“Michael C. Hall goes full-on indie rock God … 1980s-inspired, synth-pop groove. It’s as if he and his bandmates consolidated the chaos of 2020 into danceable exuberance.”

–Huffington Post

“[The] indie rock band led by Michael C. Hall spreads its wings with music that’s hard to pin down. The members defer when asked to describe their sound, preferring instead to say it’s what you might expect to hear in a butterfly museum. If that’s the case, expect the museum to play a mix of glam, dreamy ‘80s New Wave, acoustic folk, Nine Inch Nails intensity and lots of David Bowie.”

–Associated Press

“The music sizzles with tension, subtly pivoting between ‘80s darkwave and simple synth pop.”