SyncFloor Launches Fitness Music Service with The Class and Bande

The Class and Bande are turning to music licensing platform SyncFloor for one-click licenses of high-quality commercial music. SyncFloor is home to over 10K tracks by independent artists who have garnered well over 2.5 billion streams on Spotify.

“The ability to legally source great commercial music directly impacts the quality of experience fitness brands deliver to their subscribers. They need quality music for live and on-demand classes,” explains SyncFloor co-founder and CEO Kirt Debique. “We can help companies with both and we have all the music they need, from hip hop for kickboxing or dance pop for HIIT, to chillhop for yoga.”

To empower instructors, SyncFloor built a new suite of tools that helps them find amazing music using patented search, craft a class experience using song segments and BPM customization, and license a set of tracks with a single click. The platform has fitness-specific license fee structures and offers monthly invoicing to simplify payment. 

Drawing on a rapidly expanding curated catalog from around the world, SyncFloor has enabled The Class and Bande to incorporate music that fits their unique vision for movement and wellness. “We listened to what Bande and The Class needed and delivered a complete solution for online fitness, from track discovery to hassle-free licensing,” Debique says.

“I’ve been in the fitness industry for 14 years and SyncFloor is a game changer. Music is critical to the Bande fitness experience and SyncFloor elevates our ability to program with a whole new level of quality and creativity,” says Bergen Wheeler, Head of Innovation, Bande.

“I just want to go up to a machine, put my money in, and get great music for my business,” laughs The Class COO Chris Sanborn. “SyncFloor made it that easy.”

For more details on SyncFloor’s fitness solution, see fitness.syncfloor.com