Prescription Signs Slush Puppy

Prominent independent publishing company PRESCRIPTION SONGS has added Slush Puppy to their roster of talented artists. The signing comes by way of Prescription A&R Shari Fitch.
Following the 2021 release of his breakout viral hit “EAT SPIT! (feat. Royal & the Serpent),” Slush Puppy has dropped a string of sonically versatile singles that range from manic hyperpop to a genre he calls “sweet pop indie stuff” in a recent interview with Alternative Press.

The pairing of Slush Puppy with Prescription A&R manager Shari Fitch seemed almost inevitable, as their worlds continually collided through Slush’s management team at MDDN and his collaborations with other Prescription Songs artists including SNOW WIFE. Shari shares, “I have been a fan of Slush Puppy’s for a while now and it really feels like the stars aligned to allow us to officially work together. Over the course of the last year, there have been many instances continuing to put me into Slush’s orbit. Whether that was through his amazing management team, Jenn Tolman-Hurst and Joey Simmrin or him being closely connected to many collaborators on the RX roster. What put it over the edge was seeing how incredible he is in the room with artists and how his productions really do have a unique sound of their own. SNOW WIFE, who I also signed earlier this year, has put so much trust in Slush when it comes to her project, and this catalyst really spawned an incredible working relationship between the two of us. I am SO proud of all that he has accomplished as an artist, producer & writer thus far and am beyond stoked work alongside him! “

Slush Puppy says, “I have been watching Prescription Songs for a long time, the people who run it, and their clients. I think they are an unparalleled publishing company who truly take the time to hone in on growing careers properly for the long haul which fits into the overall Slush Puppy future I am creating with my team at MDDN. Shari is passionate and has a killer drive. I love her vision and her commitment to her clients. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Slush Puppy’s management team at MDDN, consisting of Jenn Tolman-Hurst (SVP of Talent Management) and Joey Simmrin (President), also weigh in on the new partnership:
“We love collaborating with the Prescription crew and I am so excited to officially join forces with them on Slush Puppy,” says Tolman-Hurst. “We admire their dedication to clients and hard work. Slush is such a special, talented multi-hyphenate whose career is exploding in all areas. It makes us so proud to watch him flourish. Seeing the vision of where we are going, Shari is a perfect addition to our team. Her heart is in the work she does and we’re gonna bring this all the way to the top!”

Joey Simmrin adds, “Slush Puppy is the future of music. Who better to partner up with than the best publisher in the game! We at MDDN love this team and couldn’t be more excited for everyone to discover the genius that is Slush Puppy.”

About Slush Puppy: Slush Puppy is a 21-year-old producer, writer, artist & multi-instrumentalist hailing from San Diego, now living in Los Angeles, who continues to break boundaries with his revolutionary productions combined with edgy lyrics. As an artist, hit singles include “EAT SPIT! (feat. Royal & the Serpent),” “Juliette,” and “I Hate U < 3” have garnered him over 50 million streams with nearly 1 million monthly Spotify listeners. As a writer/producer Slush Puppy’s most notable cuts include Nessa Barrett’s “I hope ur miserable until ur dead,” Leah Kate’s “Dear Denny,” “Gazzillionaire,” and “Twinkle Twinkle,” and Royal & The Serpent’s “Death of Me.” He also has releases with Snow Wife, Aidan Bissett, Deathbyromy, Xowie Jones, aldn, David Hugo, Chr$tian Gate$ and many more spanning across pop, hip hop & alternative genres. Frequent collaborators include Jason Hahs, Madi Yanofsky, Raziel, Kanner, Jason Suwito, Marisa Maino, Deza and Hadar. 

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About Prescription Songs:With offices in Los Angeles and Nashville, Prescription Songs is an independent publisher representing some of today’s top songwriters and producers across all genres of music and is responsible for some of the most recognizable songs of the last 20 years. Prescription Songs current and past roster includes extensive GRAMMY Award winners and nominees, multiple recipients of ASCAP and BMI Songwriter of the Year Awards, a winner of the 2020 VMA Push New Artist Award, a Spotify Secret Genius of the Year: Songwriter Award, a Hal David Starlight Award winner, and iHeartRadio Producer of the Year.