Pluginz Jack Rack

Pluginz's Jack Rack Hangs Your Keys Like a Rockstar

Pluginz has introduced their new product—the Jack Rack. The wall-mounted keychain holder aims to be a rocking way to "Hang Your Keys like a Rockstar!” As a music fan or someone who wants to organize their keys, several Jack Rack designs can be purchased online, costing $29.99. Individual Jack Rack Pluginz keychains, as well as lanyards, necklaces, gift cards and more can also be bought.

Artists and companies in the music industry have created their own custom Pluginz Jack Rack designs after witnessing the personalized nature of the product—allowing them to further promote their brands with a fun and functional twist. To find out more on how to customize your very own Jack Rack, email Pluginz at [email protected].

Mike Stricklin founded Pluginz in early 2015. He soon partnered up with Rockworld Merchandise owners Dan Jacobs of the band Atreyu and his brother Joe Jacobs. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $10,000, Pluginz started making a buzz within the music industry. Soon after, the Jack Rack went viral on the front page of Reddit, as well as breaking records for post likes, comments and shares on pages such as Guitar World, Revolver Magazine, Shut up And Take My Money, Celestion Speakers, 100.3 the Sound FM, Alt 98.7, OC Weekly and many more.

Pluginz continued to gain steady momentum throughout the year, adding artists and bands to their growing roster, as well as collaborating with famous brands and companies within the industry.

"I love music! I love everything that has anything to do with music. It's my first love and my world," states Pluginz partner Jacobs. "A year and a half ago I was presented with the idea of the Jack Rack by our now partner Mike Stricklin. From the moment I saw the idea, my love for music knew it was something special and wanted to help develop it into something as great as the idea itself. With the help of my brother/business partner Joe Jacobs, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and some #1 love from Reddit, we have grown the Jack Rack into something that rocks harder than we ever imagined! It's the perfect way for any music fan to hang their keys like a rockstar and never lose their keys again. We've come so far to where we now have the honor of working with actual amp brands and bands that we love and respect. The world is a cooler place with the Jack Rack in it and I'm honored to say that I had a part in it."

For more information, visit thejackrack.com.