Plastic Ants Utilize CAD Audio

The Plastic Ants forthcoming album Imperial Phase is now available for pre-order at PlasticAnts.Bandcamp.com.

This session video captured at Ultrasuede Studio in Cincinnati, OH was directed, shot and edited by Patrick Miller. Audio engineering was done by John Curley.

Plastic Ants record with CAD Audio

Plastic Ants give special thanks to Kelly Statham from Cleveland Amplification and CAD Audio. The band used the CADLive D89 microphone (pictured). These CADLive microphones are an impactful and easy-to-use line of microphones. Outfitted with a Trueflex diaphragm and PowerGap high gauss neodymium magnets creating a hot and articulate live performance microphone.

For more information, visit ThePlasticAnts.com.