Glass Animals - photo by Neil Krug

Glass Animals at Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Glass Animals finished the last leg of their U.S. tour for their sophomore album, How to Be a Human Being, at the iconic Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The stage was set in a desert trip theme filled with cactus, a disco ball and what looked like three-dimensional Tetris pieces. The band, originating from Oxford, England, hit the stage and the audience could immediate feel—the second they stepped on—that this was going to be a killer show.

Glass Animals - photo by Neil Krug

The band kicked things off with “Premade Sandwiches,” a pre-recorded track that led into their hit single “Life Itself.” The lead vocalist, Dave Bayley, wooed the crowd with his sultry lyrics and his often signature groovy dance moves. Glass Animals bounced back and forth between songs off the new album, and ones from their debut Zaba—their song “Gooey” being a crowd favorite.

Glass Animals - photo by Neil KrugGlass Animals rounded the end of their set with an energetic performance of “Pools,” but not before their two-song encore. Bayley began singing their Kanye West cover of “Lock Lockdown” from the stage, but by the middle of the song he propelled himself down the walkways of the Greek and crawled on top on seats in the middle of the crowd. Fans swarmed all around, and it was an unforgettable moment of the show. The final song of the night was catchy feel-good song "Pork Soda.” Overall this was amazing show that not only proved that Glass Animals know how to produce hit songs, but that they are a must-see live band.

Text by Jackie Bettelli
Photos by Neil Krug

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