Perform Via Live Stream at Stay The F*ck Home Fest



Hey Sonicbids community!  While we hope everyone is practicing social distancing and staying the F*ck home, the show must go on(line)!

We're hosting a livestream to showcase artists across the country and around the world on Friday March 27th at 7pm EST.  There will be fans, artists and industry professionals, and of course... music.

Just want to watch? RSVP at http://bit.ly/stfhfest

The Opportunity


Selected acts will be performing 1-3 songs via Zoom (specifics TBD at selection), so you'll need to have a computer, a steady internet connection, and at least an onboard camera/mic.  If you've got a home studio and want to upgrade your audio/video, we're all for that (but obviously can't help troubleshoot).

Given that this is a celebration of music AND responsible living in these times, please don't pull together large groups in one place to perform.  If you need to demo out some larger ensemble songs as a solo or duo, we understand and the crowd will 100% appreciate it.

We will make sure there is the opportunity to promote your band and its Venmo account for virtual tips during the show.

The Band

  • Open to a wide range of genres, but only original music
  • Should be solo artists/singer songwriters or already living together (we can't encourage bands to get together...that would be irresponsible)
  • Need to have high speed internet, or at least internet that will not cut out mid performance (TEST THIS so we both don't get embarrassed)

The Gig

  • 2-3 songs, exact set times & lineup TBD upon selecting artists
  • We're looking to showcase 10 bands per "show" though we plan to build a ongoing series if people want more
  • Opportunity for a virtual tip jar contribution via your Venmo handle