Out Take: Eli Chitayat

Eli Chitayat

VP, Visual Content at Republic Records

Contact: Matt Biscuiti, [email protected]

Web: republicrecords.com, music.com

Republic Records and Music.com recently partnered to create a new online series spotlighting selected emerging artists on the label’s roster. “Music.com does an incredible job at making the connection between specific songs and emotions for fans. When coming up with this bespoke campaign, our goal was to take that process a step further and showcase the emotions behind the songs. Through visual content, we’re able to showcase the artist personal journey and give fans a glimpse at who is creating the music they love,” says Eli Chitayat, VP of Visual Content at Republic Records.

Featured artists include Shaylen, Lund, JESSIA, Peach PRC, Issam Alnajjar and Ayzha Nyree, with more to be announced. Chitayat says the selected artists weren’t afraid to share their struggles with fans. “They do so through their music and social channels, and we wanted to provide a new outlet and give them a larger platform to tell their stories,” he says.

The online video series has an emphasis on live storytelling that offers a glimpse into the artists’ backgrounds and inspiration, which Chitayat says was a critical aspect of the project to maximize the artists’ exposure. “As their careers continue to grow, it’s extremely important for them to develop a strong foundation with their core fans,” he says. “We want the fans to be part of the journey, and through the vulnerability of the content, this project allows for that.”

The series uses visual content including archival video and photos to help illustrate the artists’ journey. “When creating visuals for our roster, we always remind artists that our goal is to add fuel to the fire they already have burning. Bringing that analogy to life, we provided series templates for the visuals, but made it a point to let the artists completely own their narrative and what they want to share with fans,” Chitayat says.

“Being able to personally connect with artists while producing great content is always a win,” Chitayat says. “That translates into open dialogue and makes the visuals feel as though the artist is speaking directly with the viewer. We welcome the opportunity to work with Music.com in the future and continue to share these artists’ journeys.” •