Open-Source Music Platform ANONA Launches

ANONA, the first open-source online music community, announced today the launch of its platform and the release of its first song and video, "Melt." The launch of ANONA (Artist Non-Artist) marks the first time that an online music collaborative has united to form a record label-artist-hybrid that facilitates collaboration between not just talented artists, but non artists (e.g. marketers, influencers, celebrities, videographers, etc.) while facilitating the fair payment and delivery of royalties between all involved parties.

ANONA also announced that Happy Walters and Larry Dvoskin have joined its board of advisors.

ANONA is a community of highly talented artists and non-artists from all around the world. "Artists" includes producers, songwriters, and recording artists. However, what makes the ANONA movement unique is that it facilitates cross-disciplinary collaboration, including "non-artists" (for example, marketers, videographers, influencers, celebrities, businesspeople, and even early fans).

ANONA was created on the principle that music is an art form that requires the effort, talent, and creativity of various professionals across several industries, rather than just the artist itself. Songs need a support network to thrive, and any songs released through ANONA will also pay royalties to non-artists based on contribution, thus aligning incentives. This way, music and art created within the ANONA community receives marketing support and everyone involved is entitled to upside economics and fair recognition.

Many times, these collaborators have never met. Instead, they leverage ANONA's merit-based community to contribute, create, and get paid for making incredible music, that by its sheer existence has the potential to disrupt the music industry.

"ANONA is for anyone who wants to break free from the hidden agendas that undermine the artistry, distribution, and equitable monetization of music," said Andrew Masanto, Founder of ANONA. "Typically, record labels want to own the future work of an aspiring artist, but with ANONA there are no binding or restrictive long-term contracts to repress great artists. Through emphasizing collaboration and leveraging an online community, talent is discovered, nurtured, showcased and celebrated rather than exploited."

ANONA community members may choose to release songs through ANONA's custom and scalable distribution channels, which includes the ANONA community, relationships with influencers and videographers, and the non-artist marketing collaborators who expertly push the individual songs without costs to contributing Artists.

Unlike traditional music labels and management companies, ANONA does not put economics ahead of music and artistry, or attempt to own, control, sign-up, or charge an artist for long term exploitation or even representation. ANONA does not endeavor to create "idols" or "stars". Instead, it aims to showcase and develop talent through collaboration.

"Whether it is streaming giants like Spotify or sample libraries like Splice, we've seen technology make music more accessible and easier to produce," said Masanto. "However, on the talent development side, the innovation has been a complete let down. This is mostly because the financial rewards incorrectly incentivize the promotion of artists who are highly marketable; the ones who are sexy, popular, or controversial. ANONA seeks to break music creation out of the Dark Ages, to optimize for the best artists in a format that is equitable."

In the coming months, ANONA will release a series of new songs and associated music videos and experiences that will provide an alternative model through which artists can make and market music and forever change the way fans view the music creation process.

To learn more about the ANONA movement music and art that's being created on the platform, please visit