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Justin Timberlake brings his "Man of the Woods" Tour to Cleveland

After raising the bar again and again with both sound and style, Justin Timberlake returns this year with “Man Of The Woods.” With this effort, Timberlake dares to push both his sound and his image to the outer reaches of fans comfort zones.

On March 31st, his “Man Of The Woods” tour came through Cleveland, Ohio, where he performed at the Quicken Loans Arena in front of a sold out crowd. Immediately upon entering the bowl of the arena, the size of this production was simply overwhelming. Timberlake’s performance area encompassed most of the arena floor. There was a typical end-stage, with a winding catwalk that lead to a small, circular stage at center-ice and continued to the opposite end of the arena where there was another larger flat stage. Additionally, the center stage was surrounded by a working bar.  No matter where you were situated, you had a great seat for this show!

The show started at the main stage, with lasers and fog as his band and dancers each entered the stage, followed by Justin Timberlake, as he broke into the first two tracks of the new album, “Filthy” and “Midnight Summer Jam” before dialing it back a few albums with “LoveStoned” and “SexyBack.”

As Timberlake and crew performed from stage to stage, he made a point of slapping hands and interacting with the crowd at every possible chance. While this show was light on the intimate conversation that often accompanies a live music performance, the night was made very unique for the Cleveland crowd as LeBron James was welcomed onto the center stage to hang with Timberlake and crew for a few minutes.

Later, the show moved to the farthest stage, where Timberlake showcased several other vocalists in an extremely convincing campfire setup on the stage as they performed covers including Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor,” The Beatles “Come Together” and John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” The pace quickened as Timberlake broke into “Rock Your Body,” where he unsuspectingly went into the crowd where he danced among the fans on a light up dance floor.

Timberlake closed out the set with “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” the massive hit from 2016’s movie Trolls. While the show fully embraced the outdoorsy vibe of the new album, the two-hour set was also packed with non-stop dancing to Timberlake’s biggest hits.

The “Man of the Woods” tour is just getting started and is currently scheduled to run straight through early next year, including a return date to Cleveland on October 2nd. Whether you’ve been a fan since his days in N’Sync or he won you over with his bombastic halftime performance at this year’s Superbowl, you’ll enjoy this show. You’ve probably danced to his music for years, grab a ticket and let this true entertainer show you how he does it live!


  1. Filthy
  2. Midnight Summer Jam
  3. LoveStoned
  4. SexyBzck
  5. Man of the Woods
  6. Higher Higher
  7. Señorita
  8. Suit & Tie
  9. My Love
  10. Cry Me a River
  11. Mirrors
  12. Drink You Away
  13. Flannel
  14. Until the End of Time
  15. Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  16. Ex-Factor (Lauryn Hill cover)
  17. Come Together (Beatles cover)
  18. Thank God I’m a Country Boy (John Denver cover)
  19. Morning Light
  20. What Goes Around…Comes Around
  21. Say Something
  22. Montana
  23. Summer Love
  24. Rock Your Body
  25. Supplies
  26. Like I Love You
  27. Can’t Stop the Feeling!