Omega's Studio D

Mastering of one song in Omega's Studio D, including

• One Reference CD

• One Pre Master CD

Retail Value of $322.65


Located conveniently outside Washington, DC. Omega Recording Studios is a full service recording studio, capable of recording, editing, mixing and mastering of forty piece orchestras to jazz trios, rock bands, hip hop artists, and voice overs. Omega Recording Studios has been in business since 1968, and is the premiere recording studio serving the Washington DC Metropolitan area. The studio possesses a substantial collection of new and vintage gear, and one of the largest recording spaces of any recording studio on the east coast. Equipped for with Studer A-80 2" tape machines for analog and multiple Pro-Tools HD systems for digital, Omega can meet the needs of any professional recording project. Omega's mix consoles include the 60 input Neve VR in Studio A, the SSL 4048 in Studio B, the API 2488 in Studio C, and the dual operator Avid Icon in Studio D.

Also home to The Omega Recording Studios' School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences, one of the longest running audio engineering schools in the country. Omega Recording Studios' offers extensive hands-on training for anyone with an interest in audio engineering, live sound, and music business. Omega's audio school is a ProTools certified training school, allowing students to become an industry respect ProTools certified user.