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Primacoustic London 12 Room Kit



Audio Perception wants to help you get a great sounding music room with the London 12 Room Kit by Primacoustic.

There's much more to the sound we hear than just where you place your speakers in your studio. Your room plays a rather large part in the sound that you hear from your system. As with any other component, there are steps you can take to improve your room's performance. Reflected sounds can be both good and bad. The good part is that they make music and movie dialogue sound much fuller and louder than they would otherwise. Reflected sound can add a pleasant spaciousness to your sound. The bad part is that these same reflections can also distort sound in a room by making certain notes sound louder while canceling out others. The result may be midrange and treble that's too bright and harsh or echoey, or bass notes that are boomy, with a muddy "one-note" quality that drowns out deep bass. Because these reflections arrive at your ears at different times than the sound from your speakers, the three-dimensional "soundstage" created by your speakers and the images of the instruments and singers may become vague or smeared. The London room kit includes a remarkable combination of high performance acoustic panels and hardware that together solve many of the usual problems associated with studio acoustics. This kit will dissipate high frequency flutter echo and reduce standing waves, control powerful reflections in the critical mid range, and help manage low frequencies. The London 12 kit comes complete with eight 12"x48"x2" Control Columns to control primary reflections, twelve 12"x12"x1" Scatter Blocks to reduce flutter echo, and two large 24"x48"x2" Centaurus Bass Traps for maximum low frequency attenuation. The kit includes Surface Impalers, screws, and wall anchors for easy installation. Winner's choice of black, grey, or beige fabric.



The London 12 kit includes:
• 8 Control Columns (12" x 48" x 2")

• 28 Surface Impalers

• 2 Broadband Panels (24" x 48" x 2")

• 8 Corner Impalers

• 12 Scatter Blocks (12" x 12" x 1")



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List price for package is $749.99