NUGEN Audio to Present at Media Production & Technology Show

NUGEN Audio will demo its forthcoming Halo Vision plug-in to attendees of the 2022 Media Production & Technology Show (Stand U100). Designed for 3D, surround and immersive audio workflows, Halo Vision is a customizable, real-time visual analysis suite operating in up to 7.1.2 channels for the AAX, VST3 and AU formats. The company will also showcase the newest features from its groundbreaking 3D-compatible convolution reverb, Paragon, which offers full control of the decay, room size and brightness via state-of-the-art re-synthesis modeled on 3D recordings of real spaces. NUGEN’s Halo Downmix plug-in, which was updated last year to increase the software’s compatibility to allow for greater flexibility and collaboration across a broad spectrum of project types, will also be presented at the show.

Inspired by the brand’s renowned Halo Upmix and Halo Downmix solutions, Halo Vision features a variety of modules that provide audio professionals with a clearer understanding of every aspect of their sound. Among the available tools are a Correlation Matrix, Correlation Web and Spectrum, as well as expanded versions of NUGEN’s Frequency Haze and Location Haze functions, and a True Peak meter for each channel. These modules all support mix engineers in their decision-making and troubleshooting process, allowing them to pinpoint problem areas that might be missed using ears alone.

“We are excited to showcase all the great developments we’ve made over the past few years,” says Dr. Paul Tapper, CEO, NUGEN Audio. “Included among these is Halo Vision, which can be customized, rearranged and resized to suit any specific workflow, making it perfect for a broad spectrum of immersive sound projects, from music to film. We will also be showcasing Paragon, which is unlike traditional convolution reverbs and provides a wider scope to transparently transform the sound of a space.”

With purity of sound at the forefront of this plug-in, Paragon operates in up to 7.1.2 channels of audio, perfect for broadcast audio applications and for producing reverb in mono and stereo formats, giving users an unprecedented level of tweak-ability, with zero time-stretching―meaning no artifacts. Additionally, it is ideal for re-creating authentic sounds of real spaces and manipulating IRs while still maintaining true convolution characteristics. Following the initial launch of Paragon, NUGEN added new presets and an improved browser, which makes it easier for users to organize their presets and further expedites the creative process. Most recently, the company released Paragon ST, a cost-effective mono/stereo-only version of the software, which included new controls for stereo width and mic distance, and an added modulation function.

While Halo Vision and Paragon are the newest NUGEN products, the company also focused on updating several of its other leading solutions. This included Halo Downmix, which has a broadened channel count support to address less common output formats. With this update, Halo Downmix is capable of downmixing from 7.1 and 5.1 to any of the following configurations: 7.0, 6.1, 6.0, 5.1, 5.0 and 4.0, as well as LCR and stereo. The optional 3D extension also supports downmixing from 7.1.2. Halo Downmix can now support nearly all of the same channel arrangements as Halo Upmix, which allows users to fill in the audio gaps by taking productions from Netflix-compliant 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos formats fully down to lower channel counts.


The world’s top names in post-production, music and broadcast use NUGEN Audio’s award-winning loudness metering/correction, surround audio, mixing/mastering, tracking and audio analysis tools. For audio professionals, NUGEN Audio’s products offer market-leading fidelity and unrestricted creativity in every situation, providing a direct and intuitive way to work with sound. The company’s tools make it easier to deliver high-quality, compliant audio while saving time, reducing costs and preserving the creative process. For more information, visit www.nugenaudio.com.