Novation Partners with Baby Audio for Sound Collective Members

Baby Audio’s Parallel Aggressor Is This Month’s Sound Collective Giveaway

This month’s exclusive Sound Collective community giveaway is Baby Audio’s Parallel Aggressor, for Mac and Windows. Normally sold for $49.00, Parallel Aggressor is free to download for Sound Collective members from 20th January to 17th March (4pm GMT).

Parallel Aggressor from Baby Audio

Unlock Parallel Processing, which plays a fundamental role in getting a punchy mix sound. It works by duplicating the same track into multiple copies and processing each duplicate with different levels of intensity. By blending these duplicates together, you can add more power while still preserving your track’s natural dynamics.

The plug-in hosts three parallel busses internally: Dry is your original signal, Spank is heavily compressed duplicate, and Heat is a heavily saturated duplicate of the original audio signal. Combine all three signals to squeeze every drop of sonic juice out of your track.

A closer look at the engines


Parallel Aggressor’s ‘Spank’ track is processed by an addictively punchy compression algorithm, designed to adapt to your audio signal — dial-up the Spank fader to get extra punchy transients.


Parallel Aggressor's ‘Heat’ track is processed by a warm, analog modelled, saturation algorithm with an aggressive bite. Get a fuller signal with added harmonics with the Heat fader dialled-up.


Auto Gain ensures that the combined output of the plug-in’s three signals roughly matches the input/dry level. This allows you to experiment with different internal mix balances while keeping a consistent plug-in output.

“This month we’ve teamed with one of the most exciting new plug-in brands to emerge in recent years, Baby Audio.” says Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell.

“They’ve offered up their fantastic compression and saturation plug-in: Parallel Aggressor.”

“The name of the game here is adding punch to your mix. This clearly lends itself very well to drum busses and part of the thing I’ve enjoyed the most, is the ease at which you can get a much fatter sound. The control layout is super simple, a real joy to use, and the sound is fantastic. This will most definitely be a go-to weapon in my mixes.”

Sound Collective members can download Parallel Aggressor for free from their Novation account from 20th January to 17th March (4pm GMT).