Nothing More

Music Album Review: Nothing More - “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” (10/10)

After just one listen of Nothing More’s sophomore album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, one thing is clear; the San Antonio rockers have produced an introspective journey of epic proportions. Dropping Sept. 15, the highly-anticipated full-length album showcases Nothing More’s innovative sound, combining hardcore with progressive metal, even a bit of pop, creating the sound that is uniquely theirs. Fusing their musical vision together, the foursome lay open the story of human emotions through their relatable lyrics, promoting inner strength for life’s many challenges. Standout tracks “Ripping Me Apart,” “Still in Love,” “Just Say When,” “FadeInFadeOut” and “Go To War.” The musicianship is tight, the guitars and drums dance together in perfect harmony setting the tone for the album and frontman, Jonny Hawkins’ dynamic vocals. No fear of the dreaded sophomore slump here.