NMC Artist: Mason Ashley

Mason Ashley_NMC_Sept2015small

Production: 8
Lyrics: 8
Music: 8
Vocals: 8
Musicianship: 8
SCORE: 8.0

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/mason-ashley
Seeking: Mgmt, Label, Booking, Film/TV
Style: Americana

At just 16, this Texas native crafts songs of innocence that, given the touch of studio experience, are affecting and ideal for Young Adult film/TV situations. Ashley’s voice lends plenty of dreamy wistfulness to the lulling and sweet “Into the Song,” without the desperation that an older songstres might bring to it. And the mid-tempo “For a Moment” achieves a nice, swaying rhythm to deliver its message of loyalty with an unaffected simplicity that belies the sophisticated production touches, including deep, radiant echo that allows the steel guitar to fade with grace. She’s young, but Mason Ashley clearly has a vision for her music. We urge her to continue to develop her vocal chops to reach emotions still untapped.

Mason Ashley - "Sometimes Romance"