DIY Spotlight: Only On Tuesdays


Serving up a dose of DIY reality amid melodic harmony, indie-pop band Only On Tuesdays (OOT) have truly put their heart on their sleeve with the release of the debut EP, Break Free.

Derived from the heartbreak of never feeling accepted or truly understood, front-woman Autumn Skibinski took her story and shared it not only through her music, but also with fans via a Kickstarter campaign.

Skibinski told her personal saga of heartbreak and despair on Kickstarter to help fund the band’s EP. People from various walks of life related to both her music and her story, successfully funding the act’s first record.

The campaign raised over $10,000, which allowed Only On Tuesdays to record their EP on their own terms and have full creative direction.

The band (Skibinski, Martin Valencia and Gabbs Casanova) worked with Grammy-nominated producer Bruce Witkin, who helped them craft and record the EP in his home studio.

The EP was released to a roaring reception attended by cheering fans, followed by a tour along the West Coast.

The title track was written under the same accord as the Kickstarter campaign, as lead singer Skibinski revealed the freedom she felt after breaking through her own personal insecurities. The music video for “Break Free” was released on YouTube, depicting the struggles some have with self-image while offering a self-deprecating musical perspective.

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By Bernard Baur