Unsigned Artist: Rick Elliot

Lyrics 8

Such a deep, pure, mature resonance from this young artist surprises us, as does the throwback essence of his sound, which radiates the polite formality of another era. Case in point is the easygoing, waltz-timed “Lover & Liars,” perfectly realized right down to the swaying steel-guitar solo and the girl backup singers. Elliot’s native amiability is the right fit for the accordion-laced “Why,” where he tells the story of a lovable louse. Unique by modern standards, Elliot has a lot going for himself, but on the brisk, celebratory “Let It Shine” it seems the singer is coasting when he really should be soaring. As good as his natural voice is, he’d do even better if he’d pop a shot of adrenaline into his leads to really take charge of his tight band.

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Contact: [email protected]
Web: rickelliotmusic.com
Seeking: Label, Booking, Film/TV
Style: Country