Unsigned Artist: Dustin Prinz

Production 9
Lyrics 8
Music 9
Vocals 8
Musicianship 8

Right from jump, this Houston singer/ songwriter’s tenor (captured and mixed in pristine, unadorned fashion) is a charmer. His organic acoustic backup, with its restrained drums/percussion, allows the solid melodic hook of “Feeling It” to really take hold, making way for an agile guitar solo—a perfect song to accompany a film in which two lovers meet for the first time. “Mr. Twiddle Thumbs” shows Prinz to be adept at injecting humor into his tunes. He seals the 8 deal with us on “No Need to Know,” a spare arrangement that demands his falsetto and guitar to carry the day—and they do, admirably so. The artist’s inherent warmth and sincerity makes this love song glow. Prinz is a gifted communicator.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: dustinprinz.com
Seeking: Film/TV

Style: Indie Acoustic