New Music Critique: Lecu


Edgy filmmakers looking for a scorer should check out U.K. composer, Lecu, who’s working at a high level. “Symßmetrical Waves” is a showcase of his gifts, a theme propelled by a really cool, driving PVC pipe kind of sound, building and building with smart transitions that include majestic swirls of synthesizers that swoop and dive. “Observing Something In Balance” is more sinuous, vibey stuff featuring a solid drop, and even some tambourine which adds a welcome texture, showing that the quirky Lecu refuses predictability. The 2019 thriller Uncut Gems came to mind as we listened to the edgy “The 4th Condition,” where Lecu once again exhibits transitions that are interesting and unexpected.

Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Management, Booking, Film/TV

Style: Electronic