k. link

New Music Critique: K. Link


Pittsburgh rapper K. Link impresses us with his raspy, higher-consciousness flow, full of harsh words (“Mark 8:36”) for an array of society’s ills (materialism, celebrity worship, money & fame, the MAGA trend, sellouts), finally stating “There’s no price on me!” His most unusual beat features the churning choir and yelps that propel “The Wolves” where he slams street-corner role models and the twisted values they engender: “Father forgive us, we were raised by wolves.” K. Link shows his sensual R&B side in “Pain,” a kinky outing set to a lurching beat that delves into the pleasure/ pain (“Nails are in my back tonight”) that ensues when he is with his special woman. A confident, creative artist.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: soundcloud.com/link-walker
Seeking: Label
Style: Rap