Digital Creators Coalition Launches New Website

Digital Creators Coalition (DCC), a broad and diverse group of associations, companies and organizations united in actively advocating for strong protections for creative communities, launched its inaugural website.

With trade playing an increasingly critical role in fueling economic growth, a new Administration and Congress planning their first 100 days, and proposed reforms to existing copyright laws around the world, the coalition recognized the need for a united voice for creativity in the digital age. The new DCC website will provide a central resource to help further understanding of the creative community’s outsized economic and cultural contributions to our economy and our society and why strong copyright protection and enforcement globally are vital to continuing those contributions.

The new website features key economic data, policy positions, the latest international intellectual property and trade policy news in support of promoting strong protections for the U.S. creative community around the world.

The coalition includes individual creators, independent producers, small-and-medium-size enterprises (SMEs), large businesses, and labor organizations across movie, music, television, authors, publishers, news media and sports.

As stated in recent DCC comments: “American creative communities supplied the U.S. economy with 5.7 million jobs and $1.5 trillion in economic growth–leading by virtually every metric, whether job creation, economic growth, trade or cultural influence. We are committed to advancing the interests of the creative community in the online environment and are united in our resolve to center strong copyright protection as a top priority for policymakers at home and abroad.”

To learn more, visit digitalcreatorscoalition.org.