Natalie Duque

New Music Critique: Natalie Duque


Our reactions are mixed when it comes to recordings by artist Natalie Duque. She’s got a genuine, appealing voice and fairly catchy songs with compelling messages. “Brave Is Beautiful” is a case in point as Duque asks the listener to take a stand. It’s the kind of meaningful song that could work well in a teen drama soundtrack. Same goes for “What Could Be,” where the singer likens her life to an incomplete jigsaw puzzle. “Black and White” has a lead vocal blend that is alluring. On the downside, we were often frustrated in trying to understand her lyrics, due to a sound mix (and her articulation) that muddles the words. Duque is a singer-songwriter of substance and we urge her to fix this issue.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Film/TV, Session Singing
Style: Singer-Songwriter