New Toys: Yamaha’s Peter Hook Signature BB Bass

Yamaha’s Peter Hook Signature BB Bass

Peter Hook is best known as the bassist and founding member of Joy Division and New Order. For years, Yamaha BB basses have been his mainstay for their assertive sound and durable construction with the BB600 model an early favorite. He owns seven BB1200S models including his very first and favorite model BB1200S still used for playing and recording.

The Peter Hook Signature BB bass combines influences from his longtime companion BB1200S and the model BB734A he currently plays on tour with Peter Hook & The Light. This signature model reversed the single pickup of the BB1200S for a sweeter sound for the upper treble strings and a tighter sound for the lower bass strings. Also changed is the straight-through-neck design of the BB1200S for a bolt-on neck that still maintains sturdiness.

The distinctive BB1200S Red finish and matching headstock evokes Hook’s classic instrument, as does the single, reversed pickup. The VSP7n Alnico V Split single-coil pickup is paired with a true active/passive preamp to offer the best of both classic and modern BB tone. From the BB734A, you get the 3-band EQ in active mode with the treble knob acting as a master tone control when switched to passive mode.

The Yamaha Peter Hook Signature Bass sells for $2,000 MSRP and is a limited-edition model with only 14 basses available in the US.