New Toys: Movo VSM-7 Studio Microphone

The Movo VSM-7 is a large multi-pattern condenser microphone that comes with a windscreen, shock-mount and a 3-meter XLR cable. It uses a 34-mm diameter dual-capsule and switch changes the pickup pattern between: cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-of-8. The VSM-7 is phantom-powered from 24 to 48-volts and weighs 812-grams.

Once mounted to a mic stand or mic boom and connected to the mic input of your interface, you’ll be recording in higher quality than with most dynamic microphones. If you’re singing a lead vocal or doing a podcast/Zoom meeting, switch the pattern to cardioid to pick up sound coming into the front while rejecting sound coming in from the back and sides. You’ll hear a presence that does not require you to be any closer than about 5 to 8 inches from the windscreen.

To record group vocals with two or more other singers, switch the VSM-7 to the omni-directional pattern and pickup sound from all directions around the mic. Backing singers would get a blend of their voices by varying their individual distances and singing volume.

The figure-of-8 (bi-directional) pattern offers a more focused pickup from only the front and back of the VSM-7. When recording yourself and one other person, you both would take an opposite side and then blend with your individual mic distance and singing loudness. Excellent for interviews/podcasts, since the sides of the mic are not picking up much sound, this pattern produces a more present sound than omni.

I received the Movo VSM-7 and first compared it to other condensers in my collection and was pleasantly surprised at its quality! I liked its lighter weight even with the shock-mount attached. The windscreen is a necessity for close-in vocal recordings; it is easily removed when I put the mic inches away from a loud guitar amp’s speaker. I then used the -10dB attenuator pad that will prevent the mic from distorting your preamp and the recording.

Whether this is your first “proper” condenser microphone or adding to your collection, the VSM-7 is a thrifty choice for all around recording and getting a big sound for podcasting. With a 1-year warranty, it sells for $124.95 MSRP.