New Toys: Warm Audio’s New Cables

Warm Audio has partnered with Switzerland-based Gotham AG to provide the cable stock for their new Premier and Professional lines of audio cables. These are different cables based on how they are used in the recording studio, live sound applications, or for connecting musical instruments. There are XLR-to-XLR cables that range from 3 to 50-feet, ¼-inch TRS-to-TRS balanced cables from 3 to 20-feet, XLR-to-TRS balanced adapter cables in 3 and 6-foot lengths, and heavy-duty 3 or 6-foot speaker interconnect cables made using the 1/4-inch instrument/guitar cables that come in both the Pro and Premier lines ranging in lengths from 0.5-feet to 25-feet, and you have a choice between right angle and straight 1/4-inch plugs.

The Premier cables have connectors with gold-plated pins; a tough braided outer cover material, and four conductors for using the “star-quad” technique that offers superior magnetic field noise rejection for any balanced line. Noise rejection is essential for conveying sensitive, low level signals from microphones.

I liked that the soldered connections inside all the connectors are further protected with heat-shrink tubing that forestalls any possible corrosion. The connectors look similar to a Neutrik and have screw-on strain reliefs that compresses around the end of the cable in the XLRs and, for the ¼-inch TRS and TS connectors, it’s crimped solidly in place.

I received two 20-ft Premier XLR cables and found the braided outer cover made them roll up easier into coils and the added stiffness makes them lay flat on the floor too. They work well in my studio just like any of the more expensive professionally made cables I already own or cables I had made myself using regular L-4E6S Star Quad Canare stock.

I tried a 10-ft Professional instrument cable and found it flexible and very quiet even when plugged into my guitar amp running a high gain set up. I found no high frequency loss difference between it and my 3-ft test cable fitted with Neutrik connectors.

These excellent cables come with lifetime warranties. Professional cables MAP prices range from $19.99 MAP for a 3-ft XLR cable to $71.99 for a 50-ft cable while Premier cables range in MAP price from $39.99 for a 3-ft XLR to $112.99 for a 50-ft XLR cable.