New Toys: Warm Audio WA-JP Jet Phaser Pedal

Warm Audio WA-JP Jet Phaser Pedal

Warm Audio’s recreation of the Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser is a great choice because the original 1975 units are hard to find, expensive and rarely worked reliably. The unique sound of this pedal spans a broad range of genres from Larry Graham, Ernie Isley and countless others.

The Warm Audio Jet Phaser is a meticulous and exact replica with power supplied by an included wall-wart power supply or by two nine-volt batteries (not included). It has a true bypass footswitch and a slide switch that toggles between the batteries and power supply.

The Jet Phaser is a single input and output pedal and has six different modes: two Phase and four Jet modes. Both Phase modes are clean—Phase 1 has a shallow phasing effect and Phase 2 is deeper. I liked changing back and forth between fast and slow using the footswitch; the speed ‘ramps’ up and down like the spinning rotary speakers in a Leslie cabinet. Fast is always the same speed while slow is adjustable.

The Jet Phase mode is like owning a second pedal with its output level controlled by the Jet Level control. This works out well for switching in a little boost for solos and standouts. Jet Phase adds a fuzz tone distortion along with phasing with four different fuzz/phaser variants.

The Jet Phase choices are: bright fuzz/shallow phase, bright fuzz/deep phase, dark fuzz/shallow phase, and dark/deep phase.

One of my guitar players easily replicated classic guitar solos and sounds from many hit records we both grew up with—it was amazing! All three guitar players liked all the different sounds possible, such as an almost ‘talk box’ articulated character when playing certain single-note figures with the Resonance cranked up.

Warm Audio Jet Phaser Pedal sells for $199 MSRP and is an excellent piece of gear with signature pedal sounds of the 1970s and 80s.