New Toys: Luna Henna Dragon Cajon

Luna Guitars adds to their Henna Dragon Series this beautifully decorated cajon. U.K. henna artist Alex Morgan’s laser-etched Henna Dragon seems to fly around all four sides of the cajon’s birch body. The Dragon Cajon measures 19-inches tall, and 12-inches wide and deep.

I like the positioning of the knurled metal knob that allows easily toggling on/off the built-in snare sound to become as part of your performance. You now can create rhythm patterns incorporating the snare sound as an occasional accent.

For both optimal sound projection and microphone positioning, the sound hole is positioned on the back of the cajon—just behind your sitting position at the top. The combination of high-quality birch, sturdy construction and accessibility yields excellent tonal definition and articulation, from big bass thuds and snare slaps to syncopated finger taps.

The Luna Henna Dragon Cajon includes a gig bag with adjustable straps and a front pocket for easy road travel, plus a soft foam pad for longtime playing comfort. MAP is $149.