Soundation Launches Beatmaker Online Tool

Stockholm-based Soundation has just unleashed the most creative, social, and easy-to-use way to make beats together online, Beatmaker. As a real-time collaborative DAW for music creation via web browser, Soundation lets creatives experiment and innovate music production together.

Soundation’s Beatmaker is filled with premade and royalty-free beats, drumkits, and samples compiled by professional producers, but also allows users to upload their own sounds and samples and start from scratch. After upload, samples can be manipulated and beats edited to reflect a producer’s unique sound. Users can then share their beats with friends or collaborate with other users in the Soundation community.

Beatmaker works with creatives at any stage of their musical journey. Beginning producers find learning tools to achieve a professional sound from the get-go, while more experienced producers take advantage of collaboration tools with other producers, to sketch out their beats or songs together. No matter the stage, Soundation delivers the same quality user experience and support needed.

Producers can jump into the Beatmaker studio and remix beats made by MG the Future, with kits by Justin Hawkes and Bishu to follow in the weeks to come. (No sign-up required). Soundation will continue to add new beats and kits produced by innovative producers to their catalog of royalty-free beats.

Read more about Beatmaker at soundation.com/beatmaker.