Diana Ebe DIY artist

DIY Spotlight: Diana Ebe

Indie alternative-pop artist Diana Ebe defines the driven, self-motivated spirit of a DIY musician. Fiercely independent, she writes, produces and releases her dream-pop symphonies all on her own.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Ebe relocated to Los Angeles when she felt herself gravitating away from a modeling career. Indeed, she wanted to pursue a deeper passion: her passion for music. Starting with piano, she layers an ambient soundscape over pounding percussion, producing a sound not unlike that of Lorde and Lykke Li.

Ebe’s introspective lyrics and haunting melodies reflect the lonely, longing feelings of love and life so intensely she caught the attention of notable musicians, including The Doors’ guitarist Robby Krieger.

She recently released her latest single, “Elusive Pleasure,” a beautiful ballad about the struggle to navigate conflicting feelings. She wrote the song shortly after moving to Los Angeles and released a visually stunning music video to accompany it. The video was shot in the wilderness, a place where loneliness and foreboding abound. Stark, but beautiful, it perfectly captures the mood of the song.

Due to her relentless passion and unusual vision, Diana Ebe has quickly made a name for herself. And, with her dream-like vocals, soaring melodies and a knack for captivating hooks, she is forging her mark in the music scene. Her debut EP is scheduled for release this year.

For more information, visit DianaEbe.com.