New Toys: TRX Lets Drummers Custom-Design Cymbals

The new Custom Cymbal builder on the TRX Cymbals website allows drummers the ability to design their own cymbals and have them made by TRX's master cymbal makers.

This is a step-by-step process to dial in a one-of-a-kind cymbal with all the desired personality and character possible using combinations of the ten factors that make up a cymbal's sound, look, and performance within your drum kit's overall sound.

The ten factors used are: type, size (diameter), weight, bell size and finish, hammering (or not), lathing (coarse or fine), actual overall finish, venting (holes), and rivets.

TRX completes your custom design with each drummer able to choose to have their cymbals "personalized" with their name and/or logo laser-engraved right on it. Check it all out at: