New Toys: TRX Dark DX Series Cymbals

The TRX Cymbal Co. has announced the introduction of its new Special Edition DX Series. This is a new addition to the high-performance, handcrafted Special Edition line that offers a darker, drier tonal option to the existing KX (mid) and AX (bright) range. This DX Series expands the company’s high-quality line with more options and sounds for your drummer.

Available in a full selection of affordable Rides, Hi-Hats, Crashes and Effect cymbals, TRX Special Edition DX cymbals are currently played by 2008 Guitar Center Drum-Off Champion Jerome Flood, Jr. and 2014 Hit Like A Girl winner Fer Fuentes. But the TRX line has already gained a growing number of fantastic and popular drummers.

Check the website for cymbals and prices, call 818-751-3257 or [email protected].