New Toys: Austrian Audio OD505 Handheld Active Dynamic Mic

The OD505 is a handheld active dynamic microphone that has nearly the same sensitivity as a studio condenser microphone. This is because of its state-of-the-art dual capsule design; its sensitivity is measured at 4.4 mV/Pa. The additional passive, bottom capsule is mounted directly under the main capsule and, because of the mic's Open-Acoustics-technology and bottom port design, picks up sound oppositely from the front capsule and is wired in reverse polarity.

Both capsules are super-cardioid for very directional pickup and perfect for soft-spoken singers on stage who sometimes have problems with feedback because of excessive mic gain used with regular dynamic mics by the PA mixer. The die-cast body and solid construction both lend to this mic's heft, balance in your hand as well its ruggedness and longevity! 

There is an on-mic switchable 120Hz, 2nd order high-pass filter (6dB/octave) plus the integrated 3D Pop Noise Diffusor will keep plosives to a minimum. Noise from handling, bumps, and stage rumble are mostly non-existent.

I have deployed this mic for podcasting, singing vocals here at my studio as well as an instrument mic for guitar amps. Thumbs up all around!

The Austrian Audio OD 505 comes with a mic clip and carrying case and sells for $299 MAP.


Coypright Robert Lunak 2021