New Toys: PSP oldTimerMB Dynamic Processor Plug-in

PSP Audioware has the new oldTimerMB compressor plug-in—a multi-band version of their smooth-sounding oldTimer compressor with high, middle and low frequency bands using filters with selectable slopes.

I tried OldTimer MB on a drum bus that included the kick as I was looking for a tight and thick overall sound with the kick merged into the sound and not separated in any way.

I liked that I was able to widen the stereo image on only the high frequencies and also make sure all low frequencies below the Low/Mid crossover frequency (200Hz in this mix) were completely mono for maximum punch! I got into the habit of always “testing” the mix monitoring in L+R mono to make sure the Width was not set too high.

I experimented with the program-dependent release time modes. Auto 1 is from the original oldTimer, and when in Auto 2, you will have a newly modeled program-dependent release time.

So after just this single use, I am completely impressed with oldTimer MB! I like its resizable GUI, its overall ease of use and flexible design, and the great set of presets included. I found many presets immediately usable for guitars and keyboards. This is a very flexible, good sounding and well-thought-out product and super highly recommended!

PSP’s oldTimer MB sells for $199 downloadable. It runs in daws that support Native (VST, AU, RTAS) in MACs or PCs.