New Toys: Cort Guitars KX300 Etched

Cort Guitars has a new edgy and organic guitar called the KX300 Etched. Players into a dark stage presence will be drawn to the glamorous aesthetics of the KX300 Etched electric. This guitar is covered in matte black that’s accented with red or gold paint infused into the wood’s grain only.

The new KX300 Etched double-cutaway body is available in two all-new color finishes: etched black red (EBR) or etched black gold (EBG). Cort starts with a 15-mm thick solid ash top that has been sand blasted to fully open the wood’s pores. Then it’s finished with either red or gold color accents into the matte black background. Between the organic look of the wood’s grain and the guitar’s overall menacing effect, this guitar is a fresh-looking instrument.

The ash top perfectly complements the mahogany body to produce a warm and thick mid-low range tone yet with sparkling and punchy highs for clarity. You get a high-mass hard tail bridge to improve sustain and resonance and the hard maple neck has a 24-frets and a 25.5 inch scale.

The KX300 Etched was designed for today’s metal sounds with EMG® RetroActive Super 77 dual-hum buckers. There are single volume and tone controls and a 3-way toggle pickup switch.

The KX300 Etched sells for $749.99 MSRP.