New Toys: KRK Rokit Generation 5 Series-Rokit 8

You would be hard-pressed to find an engineer or producer that hasn’t at some time worked at a studio equipped with KRK Monitors. A staple in the industry for 35 years, they have consistently delivered reliable and great sounding speakers. With product lines for every budget from Project Studio to High End Studio, they produce a speaker for every application. 

Equipped with three distinct voicing modes, the Rokit Generation 5 provides versatility to suit various tasks. Accessible by a rear panel dial and LED screen, Mix Mode offers a flat frequency and phase response, ideal for precise mixing, mastering, and critical listening. Create Mode delivers what KRK calls an “inspirational voicing, intended for writing, producing, and casual listening.” And Focus Mode presents a “mid-focused voicing, facilitating detailed analysis of the midrange band where vocals and most instruments exhibit their energy.”

These monitors feature 25 boundary and tuning EQ combinations, aiding in minimizing and rectifying acoustic environment issues. They feature woven Kevlar® aramid fiber cone woofers for enhanced damping and control over modal breakup. The tweeters have a damped acoustic silk dome diaphragm, with a frequency range up to 40 kHz.

Control of the digital aspects of these monitors is enhanced with an IOS/Android available app KRK Audio Tools. This works with the microphone on your phone or tablet to help identify room problems so that you can manually adjust the controls on your Rokit speakers and alleviate room issues. It’s free, powerful and easy-to-use, and can also be used in other situations with dB and frequency analysis is needed. 

Built in bi-amplified Class D power amplifiers drive the transducers with plenty of volume, and they are designed to stay cool over the long hours that recording sessions are known to require.

The manual specifies a 25-30 hour break in for these speakers under constant or intermittent use. This is not unusual for professional monitors, so I would expect their sound to be even better after this break in. Out of the box, the low end is very tight and controlled with no hint of flabbiness and not overhyped. The mids offer nice detail and the treble is crisp and not fatiguing. The monitors have a good sized front light that tells you when the speakers are powered up, and after 30 minutes of non use, they enter standby mode and these lights fade up and down slowly. Play music again and they spark right up.

Ideal for a home or project studio and nearfield monitors, these speakers would also make a good, affordable option for a surrounds in a 5.1 or Atmos installation. $319.00 each