New Toys: Kali Audio IN-5 Three-Way Active Studio Monitors

Kali Audio has the IN-5, a three-way studio monitor measuring only 15.1 H X 8.2 W X 11.2 D-inches that features a 5-inch woofer, and a 4-inch midrange with a 1-inch tweeter driver coaxially mounted. The IN-5 adds to the IN-8 in their “Independence” line of monitors; they both now use the same 4-inch concentric mid-range/tweeter driver that emanates sound as a single “point source.” This is allows the IN-5 to be oriented either vertically or horizontally, such as on top of a console bridge. Halleluiah for home/project studio workers in small and tight spaces!

The IN-5 is powered by three Class-D amps for a total of 160-watts—an increase in power over the IN-8. Furthermore, self-noise of these amplifiers is reduced by 12dB; you will never hear any hiss or hum. Other changes: improved DSP, smoother high frequencies, new materials provide greater reliability for the woofer and mid-range.

I have used Kali monitors since the first LP-6 two-way monitor and I wanted to try the IN-5s in both vertical and horizontal configurations. My room is acoustically treated and my original Kali IN-8s are set up vertically. With the IN-5s in the same location and the dipswitches set in the same way—all down, I can hear better imaging compared to my older IN-8s but of course I don’t get the same amount of sub bass as I get from the IN-8s.

I then setup the IN-5s horizontally on my monitor shelf with the mid-range/tweeter on the outside and dipswitches 1, 2, and 3 in the “on” position. I liked the increase stereo width despite being physically the same distance a part as before. This is an excellent option and now with the IN-5, as two coherent point sources, I don’t get that “swishing or phasing” sound as I’ve heard before when moving my head from side-to-side between pairs of other monitors.

I think Kali Audio has done it again with these smaller size IN-5s! They are about 2/3rd the size of the IN-8s and look just as awesome. The IN-5s weigh in at just 19-lbs, are somewhat portable, and sell for $349 MSRP.