New Toys: iZotope RX 8

RX 8 is iZotope’s latest complete toolkit for audio surgery for all music producers and post-production professionals. It is included in RX Post   Production Suite 5. For over 10 years, RX continues to be improved and upgraded making it the industry-standard audio repair tool used on     countless albums, movies and TV shows to restore damaged and unusable audio.

RX 8 comes in three versions: RX 8 Elements, RX 8 Standard and RX 8 Advanced—all available at special introductory prices. As before, the non-real time processors all run standalone using your computer’s core audio. Users familiar to iZotope will appreciate the updated DAW plug-ins for De-Click, De-Reverb, De-Clip, De-ess, De-crackle, De-plosive and  De-hum, plus RX 8 Breath Control, Spectral De-noise, Mouth De-click, Guitar De-noise and Voice De-noise.

I received a copy of RX Advanced and I immediately tried out the Spectral Recovery and Wow & Flutter repair modules—two new tools in Advanced only. Spectral Recovery restores lost frequencies above 4kHz and worked great to “uncover” the sound of an old worn-out tape recording. I had a warbling problem with an old record transcription and the new Wow & Flutter processor in RX 8 Advanced corrected both sustained slow pitch variations (wow) and faster amplitude/pitch fluctuations (flutter) associated with tape, vinyl and optical (film) transfers.

The new Loudness Control will conform production audio to broadcast requirements or your own specs for True Peak, Integrated Loudness and Short Term loudness. There are the new Guitar De-noise, improved Music Rebalance and a new 32 Audio Tab Limit in all versions that doubles the previous 16 tab limit—you can view and edit up to 32 files within RX Audio Editor.

RX 8 Elements is $129, RX 8 Standard is $299 and RX 8 Advanced is $1,199. RX Post Production Suite 5 is $1,999.