HMMA Call For Entries

Hollywood Music In Media Awards Calls For Entries

The Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) recognizes original music in all visual media (e.g., film, TV, video games, and advertisements) from around the world.

Currently, the HMMA is accepting submissions for both Music in Visual Media and for July Music Genre Nominations.

For Music in Visual Media, artists, composers and artist representatives are welcome to submit as many considerations, and as many times, as they wish.

For July Music Genre, you may submit as many pieces of music as you wish in multiple categories to increase chances of nomination.

To be considered for a nomination, visit the following:

Music in Visual Media - hmmawards.com/music-in-visual-media-submissions. The deadline to submit is September 30.

July Music Genre - hmmawards.com/music-genre-submission. The deadline to submit is July 31.

In addition to the two opportunities above, HMMA is partnering with Island Block Radio. Joey "Q" Quenga is the co-owner/Creative Director of Island Block(Dash Radio) and a member of the HMMA Selections Committee. Q will be selecting nominees in the R&B/Soul and Reggae categories and is looking to program new music. Q will also co-host a couple of the "HMMA Presents" showcases in Los Angeles.