D'Addario's Humidipak Absorb ensures instruments are protected and safely maintained at a stable relative humidity, ideal for any climate or locations with humidity levels above 50 percent. Wooden instruments can be damaged when exposed to excessive humidity levels, suffering from string buzzes, warped necks, cracks, and other structural damage. Humidpak Adsorb uses advanced two-way humidity control technology, absorbing excess moisture and, when necessary, releasing purified water vapor to maintain the ideal humidity level. This means your instrument is always at the correct humidity level without guessing or worrying. 

Just put one of the humidification packets in the included pouches and place it inside the instrument’s case and close the lid. The instrument and case will remain at the optimal 45-50 percent relative humidity level for two-six months. 

Besides the D’Addario Humidpak Absorb, the Restore and Maintain packs are still available for those who need to increase and sustain the humidity around their instrument. 

D’Addario Humidpak Absorb sells for $24 MSRP.