New Toys: Cort KX507 7-String Multi Scale

Cort Guitars has introduced the seven-string KX507 Multi Scale guitar—it updates the 2018 KX500 instrument and features a slanted, 25.5 to 27-inch multi-scale with the neutral fret on the eighth position for a more natural spread angle and better playability. 

Enhanced sound comes from a multi-voiced Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker set—the only way to pick up all of the sound and still be free of hum, noise, and inductance issues that plague most wire-wound pickups. The close-by controls include push-pull functions on both the volume and tone knobs in combination with the three-way pickup selector.

The KX507 Multi Scale mahogany body with a figured poplar burl top is available in either a Star Dust Black (pictured) or a Star Dust Green finish. These guitars produce a warm yet punchy high-midrange sound that cuts through the mix. The 5-piece maple and Purpleheart Amaranth wood neck provides stability and a focused sound with a 24-fret Makassar ebony fingerboard with a 15.75-inch radius. Makassar is similar to rosewood in both look and sound. 

All this results in a tight, punchy low-end for the low B and E strings while maintaining the familiar feel and tension on the treble strings for speedy and string-bending solos. The KX507 Multi Scale neck has a Spoke nut hotrod truss rod and Cort Staggered Locking tuners at the other end; both required for easy and consistent tuning, stability and string changes. All hardware is black nickel.

A great choice for drop-tuned players who want high-end features, good playability and looks. KX507 Multi Scale sells for $1,299.99 MSRP.