Sister Trio The Castellows Sign With Warner Music Nashville

Neo-Traditional Country music trio, The Castellows, will now call Warner Music Nashville and Warner Records their label home.

The Castellows, comprised of sisters Ellie (lead guitar), Powell (banjo) and Lily (vocals), began to turn heads of music industry insiders in January 2023. When spring arrived the band had received interest from entities across the entire music industry, coast to coast.

“Every moment spent in the presence of The Castellows is nothing short of captivating,” exclaims Warner Music Nashville’s Co-Chair & Co-President, Cris Lacy. “Their sibling harmony, their musical prowess, and their songs - that tell not only their own stories, but generational truths about their family – combine to create a sound that is genuine and original. Ellie, Lily and Powell are superstars. Full Stop.”

Warner Records’ Co-Chairman & CEO, Aaron Bay-Schuck shares “From the moment we met The Castellows, we knew they were the real deal. Not only was their talent and star power immediately apparent, but they were also unapologetically themselves. The personality that Ellie, Lily, and Powell display with their social posts and the stories they tell with their music are consistent with who they are in real life, and it's this authenticity along with their determination and drive to be truly great that will make them an unstoppable force. Going on this journey in partnership with Cris Lacy, Ben Kline, and the whole Warner Nashville company, along with Chris Kappy and the Make Wake team, makes it all even more exciting and rewarding.”

The band spent the summer of 2023 writing and recording, and this week the world gets to taste the first fruit yielded from that labor with The Castellows’ debut song “No. 7 Road” (written by The Castellows, Hillary Lindsey), available now.

The release of “No. 7 Road” marks a new era for a band bringing a literal meaning to the phrase, “family tradition.” The three sisters from a cattle farm in Georgia have now taken their first step on the modern country music stage, times three.