New Toys: Black BT SusEX Pedal

The SusEx Pedal is wireless and uses BLE MIDI (Bluetooth Low Energy) to send continuous MOD Wheel controller data. It also has 1/4-inch jack to connect a second keyboard at the same time. This pedal can sense where your foot is positioned on it automatically and then allow seamless switching between a basic footswitch control for Sustain and continuous control modes for expressions or cutoffs. It is the first pedal to have both a footswitch and continuous controller in the same body.

Musicians who work live performances will love that the SusEx Pedal eliminates the need for multiple pedals on stage by offering a natural way to play multiple parameters without stomp switches or navigating—moving back and forth between multiple single-parameter pedals. The SusEx Pedal frees both hands using a smaller device that complements your keyboard and/or DAW-based music production setup.

Black BT HubBLE App (iOS/Android) sets up to two SusEX pedals that can run at the same time and connect to any keyboard workstation with only USB MIDI. The SusEx Pedal will be shipping as of July 2023.            Orders can be placed for $149.99 on the company site.